Docket No. PL18-1-000
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The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) today reopened its review of the 1999 Policy Statement on the Certification of New Interstate Natural Gas Facilities by asking for new information and additional perspectives that would assist the Commission in moving forward with its review. The Commission is looking to build upon the record already established in response to its April 2018 Notice of Inquiry.

“It’s important to recognize that many changes have occurred since our initial inquiry three years ago,” FERC Chairman Rich Glick said. “I look forward to seeing the comments and working with my fellow commissioners to update our review process for reviewing proposed natural gas projects.”

To guide the process and focus on adding to the existing record, the Commission seeks comments on new questions that modify or add to the April 2018 Notice of Inquiry. For example, the Commission requests comments on how it identifies and addresses potential health or environmental effects of its pipeline certification programs, policies and activities on environmental justice communities.

Today’s Notice of Inquiry also seeks comment on how the Commission determines the need for a project, the exercise of eminent domain and landowner interests, the Commission’s consideration of environmental impacts and improvements to the efficiency of the Commission’s review process. 

Comments on the Notice of Inquiry are due 60 days after publication in the Federal Register.  



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