Docket No. CP22-17-000

The staff of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC or Commission) will prepare an environmental document that will discuss the environmental impacts of the Carbon Capture and Sequestration System Amendment (CCS System Amendment) involving construction and operation of facilities by Rio Grande LNG, LLC (Rio Grande) in Cameron County, Texas.  Rio Grande’s CCS System Amendment was filed under section 3 of the Natural Gas Act as an amendment to its November 22, 2019 Authorization order for the Rio Grande LNG Terminal.[1]  The Commission will use this environmental document in its decision-making process to determine whether the CCS System Amendment is consistent with the public interest.

[1]Rio Grande LNG, LLC, 169 FERC ¶ 61,131 (2019), order on reh’g, 170 FERC ¶ 61,046 (2020).

This notice announces the opening of the scoping process the Commission will use to gather input from the public and interested agencies regarding the project amendment.  As part of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review process, the Commission takes into account concerns the public may have about proposals and the environmental impacts that could result from its action whenever it considers the issuance of an authorization under Section 3 of the Natural Gas Act.  This gathering of public input is referred to as “scoping.”  The main goal of the scoping process is to focus the analysis in the environmental document on the important environmental issues.  Additional information about the Commission’s NEPA process is described below in the NEPA Process and Environmental Document section of this notice. 

By this notice, the Commission requests public comments on the scope of issues to address in the environmental document.  To ensure that your comments are timely and properly recorded, please submit your comments so that the Commission receives them in Washington, DC on or before 5:00 pm Eastern Time on Monday, October 3, 2022Comments may be submitted in written or oral form.  Further details on how to submit comments are provided in the Public Participation section of this notice.

Your comments should focus on the potential environmental effects, reasonable alternatives, and measures to avoid or lessen environmental impacts.  Your input will help the Commission staff determine what issues they need to evaluate in the environmental document.  Commission staff will consider all written or oral comments during the preparation of the environmental document. 

If you submitted comments on this project amendment to the Commission before the opening of this docket on November 17, 2021, you will need to file those comments in Docket No. CP22-17-000 to ensure they are considered as part of this proceeding. 

This notice is being sent to the Commission’s current environmental mailing list for this project amendment.  State and local government representatives are encouraged to notify their constituents of this proposed project amendment and encourage them to comment on their areas of concern.

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