Docket No. AD22-8-000

The purpose of this conference is to explore measures to ensure sufficient transparency into and cost effectiveness of local and regional transmission planning decisions, including: (1) the role of cost management measures in ensuring the cost-effective identification of local transmission needs (e.g., planning criteria) and solutions to address identified local transmission and regional reliability-related transmission needs; and (2) cost considerations and the processes through which transmission developers recover their costs to ensure just and reasonable transmission rates. Additionally, this conference will also discuss potential approaches to providing enhanced cost management measures and greater transparency and oversight if needed to ensure just and reasonable transmission rates.

Panelists are asked to submit advance materials to provide any information related to their respective panel (e.g., summary statements, reports, whitepapers, studies, or testimonies) that panelists believe should be included in the record of this proceeding by September 16, 2022. Panelists should file all advance materials in the AD22-8-000 docket.

An additional supplemental notice will be issued following the technical conference with the opportunity for interested parties to submit post-technical conference comments.

The technical conference will be open to the public and there is no fee for attendance.  An additional supplemental notice will be issued with further details regarding the technical conference agenda and logistics, as well as any changes in timing.  Information will also be posted on the Calendar of Events on the Commission’s website,, prior to the event. 

Event Details

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