The Commission receives an annual appropriation from Congress to defray its operating costs and recovers 100 percent of this appropriation through the collection of annual charges and filing fees. These annual charges and filing fees are assessed to recover costs incurred by the Commission in the performance of its regulatory responsibilities. 

Special Notice: recently informed the Commission of an information security update associated with User IDs. As a result of this change, FERC Annual Charge bill recipients should not self-register with as instructed in step #2 of the March 1, 2007 letter. The information security process now requires to issue a User ID and password to each recipient authorized by the Division of Financial Services. Please note: companies still need to complete step #1 of the March 1, 2007 letter, which addresses the required Contact Information form in Survey Monkey.
If bill recipients have already self-registered with, they should ignore the user ID that they created since will issue a new user ID this summer during the FY 2007 Assessment cycle.

This page was last updated on June 17, 2020