With respect to Natural Gas projects, FERC safeguards the environment by:

  • Disclosing, analyzing and minimizing impacts where it is feasible and reasonable to do so.
  • Encourage applicants to communicate with relevant federal and state natural resources agencies, Indian tribes, and state water quality agencies, prior to submitting an application.
  • Ensuring that all applicants perform the necessary studies to make an informed decision on the project.
  • Issuing environmental assessments (EA) or draft and final environmental impact statement (EIS) for comment on most projects.
  • Including requirements with any certificate issued to reduce environmental impacts.

Visiting proposed project areas to determine the range of environmental issues requiring analysis and holding scoping meetings as appropriate.

Third-Party Contractors

This program involves the use of independent contractors to assist Commission staff in its environmental review and preparation of environmental documents.

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This page was last updated on October 09, 2020