Office of Public Participation (OPP) 


Phone: 202-502-6595

When to contact:  The public can contact OPP now for assistance understanding Commission procedures. Examples include questions on when and how to intervene, comment, file motions, or seek rehearing.  OPP is beginning operations with limited staff, so we appreciate the public’s understanding and patience if OPP cannot immediately respond.

Enforcement Hotline


Phone: 202-502-8390 or 1-888-889-8030 (Toll-Free)

Anonymous form:

When to contact: If you’re concerned about potential violations (but not those related to compliance or landowner issues). Examples include complaints about: market manipulation, fraud, bidding anomalies, inappropriate use of financial instruments, fluctuations in available capacity on electric transmission lines and natural gas pipelines, interconnection discrimination, possible Tariff violations, and undue preferences to affiliates.

If you want to contact the Hotline with information about a potential violation, please email or call toll free 1-888-889-8030.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Helpline


Phone: 1-844-238-1560 (Toll-Free)

When to contact: If you’re in need of services such as mediation and facilitation in disputes involving entities subject to the Commission’s jurisdiction. The Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) provides neutral and independent alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services, assisting parties in the voluntary resolution of their energy and environmental disputes-- prior to, during, or after a complaint is filed with the Commission. DRS staff are trained professionals highly skilled in conflict resolution, prevention, negotiation, and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques.  All communication with a DRS representative is confidential, unless otherwise agreed to.  DRS staff are not involved in Commission decisional processes and do not advocate positions or conduct investigations for the Commission. Learn more about the processes and services DRS provides.

ADR encompasses a variety of dispute resolution methods, including:

  • Mediation –The neutral mediator assists the disputing parties to voluntarily achieve a mutually satisfactory resolution or agreement through confidential communication.
  • Conciliation - Relationship building through the use of a third party conciliator to help bridge communication gaps, clarify misconception, deal with strong emotions, and build trust so the disputing parties can work together.
  • Facilitation - A third party facilitator uses techniques to improve the flow of information in a meeting or a series of meetings to accomplish particular goals.
  • Subject Mater Expert or Early Neutral Evaluation – The parties in consultation with the neutral may request the non-binding opinion of a technical or legal expert on how the Commission may view a particular set of circumstances based on case precedent.

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Landowner Helpline


Phone: 202-502-6651 or 1-877-337-2237 (Toll-Free)

When to contact: If you need assistance with disputes involving the construction and operation of FERC jurisdictional projects. The FERC Landowner Helpline, managed by the FERC Dispute Resolution Service, facilitates communication between landowners and natural gas companies. FERC Landowner Helpline staff are neutral and independent professional mediators who do not advocate positions, conduct investigations for the Commission, or provide legal advice.  

They assist landowners with:

  • Construction-Related Concerns and Damages from interstate natural gas transmission and storage projects and LNG projects
  • Land Access Disputes
  • Executed Easement Disputes (pre-existing easement agreements)
  • Land Restoration Disputes (revegetation, settling or subsidence, erosion, or drainage)
  • Noise and/or Vibration Complaints

When calling the FERC Landowner Helpline, please, if known, have the project’s docket number, the name and location of the project, and the name and contact information for company officials you have been previously working with. This will help FERC staff better address your concerns.

Compliance Help Desk

When to contact: If you have a compliance question about the statutes, rules, regulations, and tariffs administered by the Commission or are seeking compliance technical assistance. The compliance help desk is not intended to provide research or analysis regarding Commission policies. General inquiries regarding Commission activities and from all State Federal and Congressional members should be directed to the Office of External Affairs.


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eLibrary Help Desk


Phone: 202-502-8423 (Toll-Free)

When to contact: If you have questions or need help using eLibrary system to locate public documents that were submitted to and issued by the Commission.

FERC On-Line Support


Phone: 202-502-6652

When to contact: If you have questions or need help with an eFiling, eComment, eSubscribe, eRegister, or eService.

Public Reference Room


Phone: 202-502-8371 (Toll Free)

When to contact: If you have questions regarding the Public Reference Room.

FOIA requests

Under FOIA any person has the right to request public access to federal agency records or information. The agency must release the records upon receiving a written request unless the records fall within the nine exemptions and three exclusions outlined in the Act.

Submit a FOIA request:

Read more about the FOIA Service Center, FOIA Guide, and the Privacy Act Requests:

Local Natural Gas or Electricity Service:

Problems involving natural gas or electric service or billing for retail customers are not within the Commission's jurisdiction. Such problems should be directed to your state commission or, if relevant, local regulatory agency. Websites for each state commission can be found through the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC)

Pipeline Safety

If you have a question regarding safety of an interstate natural gas pipeline, you should contact the Department of Transportation's Office of Pipeline Safety.

Hydroelectric License and Exemption Compliance

Complaints or reports regarding non-compliance with hydroelectric licenses may be directed to the Commission’s Office of Energy Projects at 844-434-0053. The hotline number is staffed Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm ET excluding Federal holidays. Callers may leave a message and the call will be returned during the next business day.


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