To address disputes that require relief more quickly than the usual time frames, Fast Track processing is available as a complement to the standard complaint resolution paths. Fast Track processing will be available when a complainant requests it and presents a highly credible claim and persuasive showing that standard processes will not be capable of resolving the complaint promptly enough to provide meaningful relief. Fast Track processing will be employed in only these limited circumstances. The Commission strongly encourages potential complainants to seek Fast Track processing only in cases that demand such accelerated treatment.

The Commission may resolve complaints using Fast Track procedures if the complaint requires expeditious resolution. Fast Track procedures may include expedited action on the pleadings by the Commission, expedited hearing before an ALJ, or expedited action on requests for a stay, an extension of time, or other relief by the Commission or an ALJ.

A complainant may request Fast Track processing of a complaint by including such a request in its complaint, captioning the complaint in bold typeface "COMPLAINT REQUESTING FAST TRACK PROCESSING," and explaining why expedition is necessary.

Based on an assessment of the need for expedition, the period for filing answers, interventions and comments to a complaint requesting Fast Track processing may be shortened by the Commission.

After the answer is filed, the Commission will issue promptly an order specifying the procedure and any schedule to be followed.

The Commission expects to issue a procedural decision to institute a hearing, establish ADR or settlement procedures, if necessary and appropriate, within two or three days after receiving answers to the complaint. An initial decision on a complaint assigned to Fast Track processing could be expected in significantly less time than the 60 days generally contemplated for complaints not directed to the Fast Track process. Hearing procedures may be compressed into only a few days if the circumstances warrant. For cases resolved based on the pleadings, it is expected that the Commission could issue an order on the merits within 20 days after the answer is filed.

This page was last updated on May 05, 2020