Formal Complaint Procedures - Rule 206 

Informational Requirements for a Complaint

  1. Clearly identify the action or inaction which is alleged to violate applicable statutory standards or regulatory requirements.
  2. Explain how the action or inaction violates applicable statutory standards or regulatory requirements.
  3. Set forth the business, commercial, economic or other issues presented by the action or inaction as such relate to or affect the complainant.
  4. Make a good faith effort to quantify the financial impact or burden (if any) created for the complainant as a result of the action or inaction.
  5. Indicate the practical, operational, or other nonfinancial impacts imposed as a result of the action or inaction, including, where applicable, the environmental, safety or reliability impacts of the action or inaction.
  6. State whether the issues presented are pending in an existing Commission proceeding or a proceeding in any other forum in which the complainant is a party, and if so, provide an explanation of why a timely resolution cannot be achieved in that forum.
  7. State the specific relief or remedy requested, including any request for stay or extension of time, and the basis for that relief.
  8. Include all documents that support the facts in the complaint in possession of, or otherwise attainable by, the complainant, including, but not limited to, contracts and affidavits.
  9. State (i) whether the Enforcement Hotline, Dispute Resolution Service, tariff-based dispute resolution mechanisms, or other informal dispute resolution procedures were used, or why these procedures were not used; (ii) whether the complainant believes that alternative dispute resolution (ADR) under the Commission's supervision could successfully resolve the complaint; (iii) what types of ADR procedures could be used; and (iv) any process that has been agreed on for resolving the complaint.
  10. Include a form of notice suitable for publication in the Federal Register and submit a copy of the notice on a separate 31/2 inch diskette in ASCII format.
  11. Explain with respect to requests for Fast Track processing, why the standard processes will not be adequate for expeditiously resolving the complaint.

Notice of the Complaint

The Commission will issue a public notice of the complaint promptly, usually within two days.

This page was last updated on August 28, 2020